dilutions of grandeur

artist statement

Anxiety-driven and from a distance, we observe the local's relationship to the swarming nature in their cityscape. The lushessness enraptures this unquestioning faith in "God's" supernatural powers. The population agrees that these divine strengths are clearly demonstrated in the biblical vestiges of the American south. Manifested on reconstructed symbols of transmission; these telephones poles are an epitaph to the analog interfaces for communication, guerrilla marketing, and reference to missing persons. Our totems are a vessel for the individuals we came across, their presence and contribution to the alloy of Southern devotion. Seeking salvation and sanction, individuals stand out in their moments of peace or solidarity as the heavenly light peers through the southern jungle and kisses all living things. We sought to collect these moments through the boroughs and districts into a communion harmonizing the prevailing presence of faith in Chattanooga, TN.

charlotte acevedo

Charlotte is a multimedia artist who uses journalistic techniques to address social issues in America. Having been raised in a triptych of Southern Californian households, all differing in language, religion, culture, and socio-economic status, Charlotte seeks to describe them all through cultural critique, interactivity, data visualization, and metaphor. Exploring the complex matriarchal lineage between her mother, grandmother, and their family's exotic fruit grove, led her to pursue a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Photography at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Currently, Charlotte is photographing undocumented women who work as flower vendors on street intersections in Los Angeles, California where she also resides.



eleanor epstein

Eleanor is an interdisciplinary artist who casts a critical glance on the residue of antebellum ideals permeating women in Eastern Tennessee. Inspired by a childhood of valleys, mountains, and etiquette in southern Appalachia she pursued a BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design. Believing the light on the land to be the source of magic she hunts for dreamscapes while driving every day. She has exhibited in Rhode Island, New York, and Tennessee and currently resides paces away from the Tennessee River.