made in tha usa 

marlos e’van

artist statement

Made in Tha USA is a collection of paintings and performance films that chronologize current tensions that are prevalent in the U.S. in the 21st century. Themes such as fast food culture, police violence, and death by guns are being addressed. In one performance piece, called “Super Meal”, E’van eats an entire Super Value Meal live. We sure do love our McDonalds with an Ice Cold Coca-Cola.


Nashville based artist, Marlos E’van received his BFA from Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film in 2016. From street art to canvases; from performance art to filmmaking, E’van interweaves different mediums to create worlds in which their art lives and has caught recognition from such publications such as Hyperallergic and Native Magazine. In addition to their work as an artist, E’van cofounded/co-organizes M-SPAR, McGruder Social Practice Artist Residency out of a family resource center in North Nashville.